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Competence, quality and safety with innovation and low prices – is it possible?


Our company was established over 25 years ago. Running our own laboratory have taught us how to meet the requirements of contemporary dental technology.

The Dental Lab is one of the largest dental laboratories in Poland. The use of the most modern technology and equipment as well as the knowledge of our specialists has helped us achieve what for many seems impossible. We are able to improve, create and recreate what was created by nature in such a way that our clients feel always fully satisfied.

As a dental prosthetics studio, we have achieved great success due to the constant development of our staff qualifications. Our work perfromance meets the highest standards in terms of both aesthetics and precision.

We guarantee a high standard of services, excellent quality and a professional approach to cooperation with a doctor. All orders performed by our laboratory are analyzed and discussed with a doctor. According to the arrangements, we deliver them in due time. All the data is stored in a modern computer system.

Maintaining the highest quality, thanks to innovative technologies, experienced team and automation of production we offer competitive prices of services and products.

In the dental technology laboratory Dental Lab, we perform prosthetic restorations using galvanizing technologies. Galvanic restorations prevent discolouration and ensure optimal adherence of the crown in the cervical region. Thanks to equipping the laboratory with the most modern machines and technologies, our products are not only of the highest quality, but also at attractive prices and on time.

Our prosthetic laboratory is equipped with an integrated CAD / CAM system for fast and precise scanning of digital impressions from a single tooth up to the entire arch. The application allows you to send the project directly to our machines. We have access to various technologies and systems. The Laboratory has laboratory scanners from 3Shape. DentalWings, ZirkonZahn and MEDIT. We use CAD software from 3Shape, ZirkonZahn and EXOCAD. Recently introduced innovation is a DMLS/CNC hybrid technology for manufacturing implantology semifinished products with high accuracy, better physicochemical parameters and low manufacturing costs.

3D technologies

The dental technology laboratory Dental Lab designs and produces all dental prostethics products using 3D technology. These methods significantly shorten the waiting time for prosthetic restorations and increase their precision. In addition to 3D dental CAD design in the most popular programs such as 3Shape, Exocad, ZirkonZahn the laboratory also has the highest quality hardware and software for scanning (3Shape, ZirkonZahn, MEDIT and others) and for production (ZirkonZahn milling unit, ImesIcore heavy metal milling unit, EOS DMLS unit for metals,  BEGO SLA unit and others). We also implement innovative technologies, such as hybrid DMLS/CNC printing technology of dental prosthetics components for implants. Our laboratory, as the only one in Poland and one of a dozen in Europe, is on the international list of Dental Service Providers Authorized by EOS.

We have computer controlled equipment for casting elements used in the base for porcelain restorations or frame dentures. This is a guarantee of precision and high strength of cast elements.
Articulation systems used in the Dental Lab laboratory allow for reconstructing spatial conditions in the patient’s oral cavity, so as to restore the chewing function as accurately as possible and maximally match the prosthetic restoration.
The technique of deep drawing, known also as thermoforming, is used, among others, for making acrylic dentures and relaxation splints, for overlay whitening, etc. The technology ensures precise reproduction.

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