KaVo articulation system


The modern prosthetic treatment should provide not only the aesthetics but also the reconstruction of normal chewing activities. Reconstruction of spatial conditions in the patient’s mouth is extremely important but also very difficult task. Therefore, we use in our laboratory  the excellent articulation system PROTAR, ARCUS by KAVO. Cooperation with a physician who uses the facial arch of this system gives an opportunity for precise transfer of the spatial stomatognathic system of the patient.

AmmannGirrbach: Artex

art_2_1 art_2_2

Intended use: adjusting the prosthetic restoration

The maximum adjustment of the prosthetic restoration is possible only when using an articulator. A particular challenge is the quick and precise transfer of the situation from the patient’s oral cavity and the ease of communication between the dentist and the dental technician regarding the above-mentioned issues.

Artex as a system is a very effective help for a dentist and prosthetist. It allows simulation of jaw movements and statistical registration of the situation in the oral cavity 1: 1. The system is based on a modular design and thus it can be used in many different ways.

The Zeiser split models system

art_3_1 art_3_2

Intended use: making a gypsum model

It is the most accurate, aesthetic and the most stable system that significantly increases the quality and precision of prosthetic products.


Perfect transfer of the patient’s dental situation is possible due to the elimination of the model’s gypsum base expansion.

The needed time is halved due to the fact that the model is made of one type of gypsum. We eliminate unstable gypsum bars, inaccuracies in wax modeling and metal adjustment.


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