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Our offer is very extensive. All our products are of the highest quality.

The equipment of our laboratory is one of the most modern and versatile in the country, including our 3d laboratory scanners, working in many systems (Dental Wings, 3shape, ZirkonZahn, Medit), various communication and cooperation systems (3Shape Communicate, dental24, MEDITOUR), various technologies (zirconia and metal milling technologies, metal laser sintering, photosensitive resin technology) and the most modern 3D printers and milling machines (ZirkonZahn, Imes, EOS). This allows us to carry out almost every order. Our motto is quality, speed, experience, professionalism supported by modern technologies and machines. Choose our services and you will not have to waste your time searching for other partners. Our goal is to meet your expectations.

Our company has the following certificates:

  • ArtOral
  • Nature – my Vorbilad
  • Expert EASE
  • Compatis Network Production
  • WiroFix double crowns
  • Finesse Firing System
  • Metal-Keramik Zertifikat Bego
  • ITI Dental Implant System
  • CIADENT – Sceletal Dentures Design
  • Ceramco Europ Ltd Funesse All Ceramic Course
  • Dental Crown and Brige material Duropoint
  • Dental Crown and Bridge material Duropoint
  • Replce Select (Prosthetic Superstructures on Brannemark System Replce Select Implants)
  • Alpha-Bio Implant System
  • Medical Certification: Powder for Sintering EOS [DMLS/SLM] / Manufacturer’s Declaration – EOS Cobaltchrome SP2 [EOS product no. 90110018])

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  1. Crown, point in the bridge
    • Porcelain crown
    • Ducer “KISS” standard
    • Wieland “Reflex” (in case of higher aesthetic requirements)
    • Finess (with tooth enamel abrasion)
    • Empress (pressed porcelain, without metal foundation)
    • Galwano (Finesse porcelain fired on a galvanized cap made of pure gold, perfect precision)
    • Procera
    • Crown based on zirconium oxide
    • Porcelain point on a metal foundation made by an automatic, computer- controlled milling machine
  2. Inley made using the galvano method
  3. Schoulder (crown finished with cervical porcelain)
  4. Porcelain inlay
  5. Porcelain point on the implant
  6. Color correction in the presence of the patient
  7. Color change (photo plus re-firing)
  8. Porcelain maryland with a wing
  9. A veneer (layered)
  10. Wax Up (simulation on the wax: future porcelain element)
  11. Electronic, perfect color selection with the Spectro Shade
  12. Painting in the presence of the patient
  13. Pink porcelain gums

Acrylic dentures

  1. Complete denture with individual spoon
  2. Complete denture performed in the articulator
  3. Partial denture
  4. Partial debture performed in the articulator
  5. Partial nylon denture (VALPLAST)
  6. Acrylic microdenture (up to 3 teeth)
  7. Characterization of a tooth in a denture
  8. Characterization of the denture plate
  9. Forms for whitening
  10. Bite plates
  11. Denture rebasing
  12. Repairs
  13. Strengthening grid
  14. Individual spoon
  15. Checkbite
  16. Orientation model
  17. Teeth alignment (in the case of an improperly set checkbite)
  18. Tooth color change
  19. Denture fitting in the laboratory
  20. Interial teeth (Michał Anioł) GID
  21. Retention elements for holding the tooth
  22. Onlay/ inlay/ overlay
  23. Surgical dental plate
  24. Colorless denture plates
  25. Strengthening the denture plate with carbon fiber
  26. Implant positioner

Skeletal dentures

  1. Skeletal dentures with clasps
  2. Metal constructions without teeth
  3. Dentures: increased difficulty
    • splint bars
    • skeletal denture with clasps
    • skeletal denture with a continous clasp
  4. Unilateral skeletal microdenture
  5. Gilding of the skeletal denture with 24-carat gold
  6. Laser soldering


  1. Milled elements
    • Telescopic metal crowns
    • Telescopic ring crowns
    • gold alloys
    • chromium-cobalt
    • chromium-cobalt + a galvanic cap
    • Interlock
    • Milled support
    • Galvanic telescope for acrylic
  2. Clasps and latches
    • ASC 52
    • Rhein
    • Ball clasp: crown-root inlay
    • Servodental – latches
    • CEKA
    • others, as requested by a doctor
  3. Bar
  4. Cast metal crowns
  5. Bridges and temporary crowns
  6. Cat – gold inlays
  7. Crown-root inlay
    • single
    • complex


  1. Replacement of the matrix
  2. Replacement of ASC 52 in the denture
  3. Replacement of the internal part of the ASC 52
  4. Matrices


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