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Titanium Spectral-Coloring Anodizer:  on titanium fasteners and screws can be applied coatings in many different colors (in the laboratory). The device does not change their biocompatible properties and strength. Scientific research has shown that the oxide layer increases its biocompatibility and osteointegration of titanium through coating (different colors). The procedure can be used not only for grey scale lowering but also for color coding, allowing you to distinguish the size of the screws.


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Galvanoforming is a new technology in the performance of prosthetic restorations, based on the phenomenon of electrolysis using the excellent physical and mechanical properties of gold. Thanks to this technique, it has become possible to use almost pure gold (99.99%) for making prosthetic restorations such as crown inlays, crowns, bridges, telescopic crowns, supraconstructions for dental implants, as well as covering the mucosal surfaces of acrylic dentures with pure gold. Clinical procedure in the performance of prosthetic restorations based on galvanoforming does not differ from other procedures, nevertheless a complex laboratory process makes it more expensive than traditional methods. However, aesthetics, perfect marginal integration, biocompatibility, lack of casting shrinkage and  favorable mechanical properties, make this technique competitive not only with conventional porcelain crowns  but also with all-ceramic systems.


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